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12jul ~ Book cover

July 12, 2021 ~ Book cover

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The image shows a hover fly, a pollenivore, lifting pollen grains from the stigmas of a Chicory flower.  Yum?

The images I have been posting, for over 15 years now have been, well, fun for me. Much of the time between posts I’ve been writing a book about this place. It’s both intimate and comprehensive, written for the general reader with an absolute minimum of jargon. I began working on this book in 2012—I am persistent. As the subtitle says, it is about a how life happens here at Brawley Creek, a place so very ordinary that it could be any place, but like every place, it is filled with beautiful things that live according to a few simple but profound rules.

Now the book is done. This is the cover, finalized just a few days ago.  It is roughly 10×10 inches, andI hope to have the book available by mid-September. Its 250 pages hold lots of images—275 by my last count. The press I’m using does high quality printing. Mid-September, is a little late to catch the book reviewers prior to the holidays, but what can you do. I’ll advise you all when it becomes available.

That was a word from our sponsor. Next week I’ll get back to my usual fare.