09aug ~ American Lotus II

Note: The book that belongs to the cover I posted on July 12th is now at the printers. I’ll advise you all about the details in a couple of months when I get word that it has shipped. I was so taken with this image that I put it the book just before uploading, it has a page to itself facing the dedication.

This is that same bud two days later as it flowers. It looks windblown—even tousled—as it tries to unlimber those leggy petals. They look floppy but they are fairly stiff and apparently not easily deployed. The little curly-cue on the lowest petal is a filament tipped with an anther—one of the hundreds of  that crowd around the swollen receptacle and are soon shed along with the leaves.

It is a unique flower placed in the Nelumbonaceae. a family constructed just for it and the Sacred Lotus of Asia (Nelumbo nucifera).  And it is suddenly the showiest flower at Brawley Creek.  As suggested by its unique taxonomic status, the flower is really unusual, so we’ll take a look at that next week, but then reluctantly move off to something else that I find compelling, and those are beginning to stack up.

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