23aug ~ Superficially mirror images

Most pictures have several pictures in them that speak to different parts of us.  I like to mix informational and aesthetic parts together, but usually I had to favor one of the other with a single PixList posting. These two images center on those two facets.

We’ve got a LOT of Monarchs this year— I don’t know that that says about the dismal national census, but we’re doing our part.  And this year we’ve seen a lot of mated pairs in flight, with the male flying and the female dangling from the point of union.  This pair came to rest on an Ironweed.  I don’t know how long the insemination takes, nor why they need to fly about flaunting their sexual union, It clearly doesn’t have to do with dispersing eggs, since those parts are tied up at the moment, but I’m glad they do, or we’d likely not ever see it.

The second photo is for aesthetics, the dazzling kaleidoscope of spots and stripes, lifted from the same image, is treat enough without elaboration. I could mention the scales now visible on the wings that create that gorgeous mosaic, the the missing scales on the wings of the dangling female that could be the consequence of being dragged cross-country, but I won’t because that would interfere with the aesthetic focus.  So “the jury will disregard that information.”

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