PixList Extra:

You’ve seen the front of this dust jacket before (in July).  Now it is soon to become an actual book.  It has a Pinocchio feel to it—the real boy, not the nose thing.  On December 8th, I expect to take delivery of 400 copies. That’s what the press tells me, and they have been remarkably precise about such things.

Here are the details:   Hardcover in linen with embossed title, and dust jacket (above.)  10 x 10.25” (matching my Galapagos book).  252 pages ± 280 images. The List Price is $75.  I can provide it for $51.00 (+ tax) with free shipping (to the contiguous states).  That should be equivalent to Amazon according my calculations.

Bottom Line?   $55.00 Autographed on request, inscribed on request. 

Sadly, no gift wrapping.

Ordering Copies:    December 8th is uncomfortably close to the Holidays.  I think I can still get them there on time, but it will take some planning.  That means pre-orders — intent, without payment.  A pre-order will reserve a place in the mailing order.  PixList subscribers get the first opportunity to Pre-order.

Here’s what I need to know for a pre-order: Email me at: john@brawleycreek.com


                Email address,   

                Phone number   

                Number of copies I should reserve for you.

By mid-November, I will send you an email, then you can:

               1) Finalize your Pre-order—confirm (or change),

               2) provide mailing addresses

               3) request autograph/inscription,

               4) Make payment.


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