18oct ~ Gilled fungus on Honeylocust log

The log is huge. It came down during a storm in 1993 and has provided a major resource for fungi of various types who send up their fruiting bodies when they reach some triggering stimulus.  I never quite know what will be next.  

I was drawn to the log again, this time by a large mass of coral fungi (for another day) and found these tiny gilled fungi huddled in this small cleft  (OK, not really huddled, but it seemed that way.)  The gills on a mushroom are the ultimate in delicate frailty, and in transience.  It is hard to pass up a pair like this. Even in the low light and having to lay on the wet ground to get this angle and to brace the camera for the slow shutter speed.

Once on screen these fungi—only an inch in diameter—show those intriguing gradations as the lower gills slip into darkness, and the translucence of the cap, picks up some skylight that further delineates that the gills as distinct from a very thin cap

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