October 25, 2021 ~ Coral fungus…I thought

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I’ve just learned from a friend—a mycologist, that it is NOT a Coral fungus. It’s a shame to begin with a retraction, but when the shoe fits.… I may have more by next week.

After the morel season has passed I tend to forget about fungi. I might as well forget about them too because I am one of those people who are  blind to them.  By Early fall, they have disappeared in the leafy shrub layer, but then as fall advances, even the small ones, as in last week’s photo, are more easily seen.  But there is no missing some of them.

This Honey Locust log has been laying here for nearly 30 years, now and  for the most part it is quietly disintegrating, but every once it has a party.  Noted by an eruption of its considerable population of microbes.  And they build enormous towers.  These may seem small, but the log is at least 18” in diameter, and the builders of this colossus are microscopic — ants would seem enormous to them.  But it is built in a matter of days and in two weeks it has largely collapsed in on itself.  Of course it is a spore distributing celebration. But the edifice doesn’t seem to have much character.  Reliably, one just needs to look closer.

Who’da thought?  It looks like the flowstone one finds in caves, but incredibly detailed.  Such stunning beauty.  I wonder how it works?  And where are the spores released?

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