To order A Perfectly Ordinary Paradise…

November 9th, at Brawley Creek.

The full title is: A Perfectly Ordinary Paradise: and intimate look at life on Brawley Creek.

We are expecting the delivery on December 8th, of 400 copies of A Perfectly Ordinary Paradise—to Brawley Creek. That’s now less 4 weeks away. The bulk of the run will go to the University of Chicago Distribution Center, where its distribution will be controlled by the University of Missouri Press.  The Press will see to it that they get to the major book stores, It is already listed on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites at the list price of $75.  

I’ll be making the book available for $55.00, including tax and with free shipping, which I calculate is what Amazon will charge, once they have them in stock.  I can provide earlier delivery, an autograph and inscription on request, and if you are local (enough) hand delivery.

To order copies, send me a request at < > and I’ll get back to you promptly by email of telephone — you chose.

Thank you.  I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the book.

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